São Nicolau


  The island of Sao Nicolau with 346 km2 and 13,536 inhabitants shows the result of a very active volcanic past. Monte Gordo with 1304 m is the highest point of the island.

The island, with agricultural potential, began by having as main export coffee, this came to be replaced by sugar cane.

The village of Ribeira Brava is the administrative center of the county. It is a village with narrow, which, by its architecture and symbolism, as the Mother Church and the Lyceum Seminar, this opened in 1866. Recognized as the birthplace of the literary movement "Clarity", a landmark for the Cape Verdean literature distinguishes streets itself as an important focus of culture came to influence several generations of Cape Verdean intellectuals.

Fishing is an important activity on the island and formed the basis for the installation of a fish cannery in Tarrafal, which is situated at the eastern end.


Trekking or hiking
Situated at the highest point of the island with little more than 1300 meters high, the National Park of Monte Gordo, is an excellent choice for those who like a brave walk, trekking or adventure.
It's worth the trip to the top, where the view is fascinating and can sight up the White and Shallow islets and islands of Sao Vicente and Santo Antao.

Juncalinho, northeast of the island, is a train ride that invites you to plunge into the fabulous natural pool of crystal clear green waters.
To the north lies the Ribeira da Prata. For those who like ethnographic curiosities, called "rotcha Scribida" with their applications is a mystery to unravel, a superb landscape which turned into myth and remind us that remote landscapes, inhabited by our ancestors.

Popular festivals
The most important festival of the island is the feast of St. John, celebrated on June 24, with parades and the beating of drums. It is on this island that everyone can dance to "mazurka" a sort of contra-dance with roots in Europe.

The culinary specialty is the "Modje of Capóde," a stew of meat castrated goat or lamb, with cassava, green banana, potato, pumpkin and yams.

Getting there
There are regular flights from Sal and Sao Vicente.